Traditions and Churchlunch On The Road

Bethany men have been venturing into the Pocono Mountains for years.  It’s our pre-Memorial Day tradition.  It was the eighth annual “Men’s Golf Retreat,” but golf is just part of the tradition.

There’s also food, drink, games, and good ‘ol male bonding.  So when the Bethany men travel, churchlunch goes on the road.  A menu-tradition has been established over the years.  Friday dinner is seafood (shrimp, claims, scallops) pasta.  This year we tried fresh hand rolled pasta.   Tradition also calls for homemade meatballs and matang (sweet potato) for dessert.

We can’t maintain all traditions.  We traditionally booked the first tee time on Saturday morning so that we could play 36 holes.  We’re older now and cherish sleep, so the consensus was for a more “kindler and gentler” tee time.

The carb from the pasta powered us through the early -Saturday morning round.  We came back starving from golfing and trying to act young and cool.  Churchlunch added a new tradition by serving egg sushi with our traditional cup of instant ramen.  The combination was incredible (and gone in minutes)!

Churchlunch on the Road 3 - Rolls and Ramen

As we get older, fewer of us play a second round.  But a foursome of brave souls ventured out for a second round.  The forecast called for heavy rain.  The less motivated stayed at the lodge and power-napped.

Saturday night is the traditional meat-dinner.  We didn’t break that tradition.  There was galbi, spicy pork ribs, and dry-aged steak, all finished off with deonjang jjigae.  We were stuffed and ready for bed!

Churchlunch on the Road 5 - Steak.jpg

This year was a “kinder and gentler” golf weekend.  Scott “the Curser” couldn’t make it.  A later tee time was called.  Everyone was in bed by 10 am on Friday and out the door heading to church by 9 am on Sunday.  There wasn’t the traditional trash-talking and competition between the “Fort Lee” and “Bloomfield” groups.  No one jumped into the hot tub. And Alex didn’t make it to the flea market.  But the tradition of fun, fellowship, and great food continued for another year.  Churhlunch was happy to take the show on the road and help continue this fun Bethany tradition.

Oh, and when churchlunch is on the road, churchlunch traditionally orders Chinese food for Sunday.  Thank to the Koh family for providing the Chinese food!  And thanks to the Liu family, who own Man Hing.